Work With Me

There are so many ways to work with Crawfish & Crunches. Those listed below are just a few. We would love to hear your ideas. Please contact Shannon Gagnon at to talk about the opportunities.

Sponsored blog posts: Shannon loves featuring her favorite go-to products or trying new products and incorporating them into the ingredients in her recipes and then into her blog. With over 60,000 followers across her blog and her social media networks, your product will reach crucial readers who then buy the exact products that Shannon recommends.

Some of her followers, and your potential audience includes:

  • Home chefs, such as cooking mothers and fathers, singles
  • Men and women interested in cooking healthier at home
  • Southern men and women familiar with southern cooking who want to cook it in a healthier way
  • People who do not reside in the south but want to try southern cooking in a healthy way
  • Men and women interested in reading about and leading a healthier lifestyle
  • Those interested in southern culture, and New Orleans culture
  • Some of Shannon’s following includes those from her former home, a Northeastern demographic who enjoy reading about her new southern lifestyle
  • The New Orleans foodie scene
  • The Louisiana foodie scene

Freelance Blogging, Writing, and Editorials: If you would rather have your products or services featured on your own website¬† or publication and communicated to your particular audiences, Shannon works with brands in a number of ways. Thanks to her Master’s Degree in Journalism, she can develop articles specifically for you, write product reviews, guest blog, or write for your website about your products, ensuring the greatest Search Engine Optimization.

Recipe Development: Shannon can create recipes from scratch using your products and professionally representing your brand. She writes about and uses products in fresh and innovative ways, using her background in Marketing and Public Relations. She has the capability to cook, style, and photograph the food if necessary. The recipe can featured on Crawfish & Crunches, or can be featured on your own website or publication.

Brand Representation: Shannon can essentially be an ambassador for your brand, product, or service. Once a mutually agreed upon relationship, time frame, and post frequency is established, she may be able to share your goods, products, or services on her blog or social media. Also, see “Advertisement Placement.”

Restaurant and event reviews: Shannon greatly enjoys sharing her experiences at both local restaurants, festivals, and events in New Orleans or Louisiana, as well as when she travels for work or pleasure. She has a unique ability to capture the essence and the flavors of food and her surroundings on paper. She can feature the article either on your site or publication, or on Crawfish & Crunches.

Food Styling & Photography: Shannon can style and photograph food for many types of publications such as blogs, magazines, advertisements, and cookbooks. She shoots with the latest Nikon equipment, owns minimal props and backdrops, and can travel to location.

Advertisement Placement: Directly feature your brand on Crawfish & Crunches.

With all of these working opportunities, Crawfish & Crunches readers will be informed of when Shannon was paid to feature or represent a brand, product, or service.