{ Ways to Use Greek Yogurt Your Totally Missing Out on }


Sure you can substitute Greek Yogurt for mayo in your favorite tuna salads, chicken salads, or egg salad, but I bet you are missing out on a few other creative ways to use it in some of your favorite recipes.  Greek yogurt makes for a great substitution for mayo. It even adds a little extra protein into your diet. Here are my tips and tricks for making your food creamier, healthier, and even tangier.

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First, mix it into your homemade guacamole. Try this { Lil’ Bit’ Lighter Guacamole }  You and your guests won’t even taste the difference, except they may make the comment, “How did you get this so creamy?”

creamycrawfishsaucecrawfishcrunches Next, stop thinking of all of the sauces that are usually thickened with flour and butter, cream, or cornstarch, and start thinking about using greek yogurt instead.  At a very low heat, so the dairy does not curdle, whisk in some greek yogurt to thicken your sauces. Try

{ sirloin steaks with healthy creamy crawfish sauce }


creamy summer corn and crawfish chowder crawfish & crunches

Don’t forget to add greek yogurt to thicken up your soups. No heavy cream needed. Try { Summer Sweet Corn & Crawfish Chowder }



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