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Whether you are sensitive to gluten, watching your weight, or just trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, most of us could benefit from cutting back on the bread in our lives.  You may think it’s impossible to pack a lunch without your turkey sandwich. Think again. You just need to get a little more creative and try some of these great recipes and tips.

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First, try lettuce wraps, and salads that are NOT boring or bland.

This { Skinny Kickin’ Tuna Melt } will have you looking forward to lunch each day.


On a weekend, grill all of your meats and veggies for the week such as these { low carb jambalaya skewers }

Can’t heat up your lunch at work? Try this { Skinny Kickin’ Chicken Salad }SkinnyKickinChickenSaladcrawfishcrunches2

Second, if you love peanut butter and jelly but could withstand out all the sugar and carbs, try rice cakes for a quick snack.  They pack a little crunch and you can top them with high protein peanut butter and sugar free jam.

Hitting the road? Sandwiches do not always have to be the solution. Here are { 5 Low Carb Snacks to Pack for Vacation }

If you aren’t totally willing to give up bread but could benefit from an organic bread sprouted from whole grains with no sugar added try Ezekiel breads.

What am I forgetting? What are your favorites and why?



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