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This blog is about staying skinny in your 20’s in a region where the eating, drinking and partying doesn’t stop. This blog is by no means a bash of the South; in fact, where I live is so fun and fabulous that it can be overwhelming at times. It is a survival guide to balancing staying fit and having fun.

Sure, many girls in their 20’s are trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. But go ahead and add in the fact that in the South the people know how to cook, eat, drink, and the parties are never ending. I’m not just talking meeting out at a bar for a night, which is actually rare around me.  Instead, I’m talking boozing and munching through all the bridal showers, engagement parties, weddings, boat parties and even baby showers.  Yes, there is booze at all of them, and yes, the food is rich and fried.  It’s all such a blast, but it’s an environment where your waistline can grow in a snap.

So now that we have all of those high-calorie ingredients mixed into a bowl, add in the fact that my fiance is a lean 6 feet and 4 inches tall and has the metabolism of a human garbage disposal. He’s got room to put his pizza with that height. I am so thankful that he scarfs down whatever I cook, including raw veggies and whatever weird healthy item I want to whip up that week. However, it took time for me to learn how to cook for the both of us in a healthy and tasty way.

This blog is not a rant and I am not a person who thinks every thing stands in the way of me and my health goals.  Instead, I’m more optimistic. I think there is a way for everyone to find a balance in life. After living here for some time, I have found my balance: no pills, no green juices, no cleanses, no marathons, triathlons and no college soccer anymore. Just real food, real problems, and I’m human – real curves.  I by no means am claiming to be a professional dietician, nutritionist, or fitness trainer.  Instead I write about recipes, my fitness routine, or my tips for making it through a weekend filled with fish frys and mom’s margaritas.

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