Tastin’ Our Way Through New Orleans: The Drago’s Seafood Experience

Dragos oysters crawfish.n.crunches

Tastin’ Our Way Through New Orleans: The Drago’s Seafood Experience

This post is the grand finale to the restaurant tour my out-of-town family and I did this past weekend. I previously posted on coffee and beignets, the best fried chicken in town, balcony boozin’, pralines, and crawfish pickin’, and the Abita Brew Tour Review.

This is the grand finale because it was truly a trip highlight. My family is a bunch of oyster obsessed people. The flavoring of the char broiled oysters at this spot are to die for. I’ve never seen oysters served in such a cheesy, salty, creamy, buttery sauce.  When I say a plate didn’t go back to the kitchen without every lick of butter being sopped up with french bread, I truly mean it. Keep the sopping bread coming and hang onto those plates for dear life. I am guilty of drizzling some of the sauce on my fish entree it was that good. Yep…. that happened.

Dragos menu crawfish.n.crunches After a few dozen oysters down the hatch, we ordered a seared tuna salad with avocado, the house special redfish topped with lump crab, and some side salads. The oysters were much more of a show-stopper than the entrees, even though the seafood was fresh and the salads were large.  However, there was one entree that stole the show: the lobster over pasta and a creamy mushroom sauce. We ooe’d and ahh’d at this dish. The presentation was just too pretty.

Dragos lobster crawfish.n.crunches

Although this restaurant is quite large and located inside the Hilton (not exactly a mom and pop anymore), it is a must-try.  Even if you just stop in for some oysters before walking around the city or sample some before your main course at another spot, it’s well worth it.

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