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5 Seasonings

Whether you are from the South and scanning the long seasoning aisle feeling overwhelmed, OR, you are from up North or out West wondering what in the heck Cajun or Creole even means, selecting seasonings can be tricky and can either make or break your recipe! I decided to take it to the pros – real southern home chefs who have years of experience with the stuff.  The responses were quite surprising, ranging from my fellow deep south foodies all the way up to Nashville, Tennessee. The votes are in:

1. Homemade seasoning blends – inexpensive and it’s really not that hard, people.
2. Slap Ya Mama Cajun Seasoning – more than one blogger swears by it.
3. Tony Chachere’s Creole Seasoning – some warn against the salty flavor.
4. Coarse salt and pepper – so underrated, yet so crucial.
5. Hot sauce – in the South, it’s a seasoning.

First, we have the recipe blogger Creole Contessa. Originally from California, she spent her summers with her late grandmother in

korenbbqribs creole contessa
Creole Contessa Korean BBQ Ribs

Louisiana. Now she “creolizes” everything and proves that you don’t have to be born in the South to enjoy the food. Lisa likes Slap Ya Mama Cajun Seasoning, and warns against going too heavy on the Tony Chachere’s because it can be too salty.

Just make sure not to season her food once it’s plated! As the self proclaimed “spice lady” she says, “It would be BLASPHEMOUS to season my food after I’ve cooked it.” She also hints on something that I truly live by, explaining that hot sauce is okay to use once the food is plated. In my own house, hot sauce is a seasoning.

smokyhouseseasoning southern fatty
Southern Fatty Smoky House Seasoning

Phillip Fryman of Nashville, Tennessee hosts a charming little food blog called “Southern Fatty”.  Phillip had the cooking bug since he was a little one, who now loves sharing his cooking and photography with the world. He explains, “Coarse sea salt is my go-to. I salt just about everything… probably a bit too much.” He also makes his own spice blends, ranging from a Cajun blend to a homemade smoky seasoning salt blend. Like Creole Contessa, he proves you don’t have to reside in Louisiana to enjoy the food. He claims, “Cajun fries are a staple in my house.”

Erin Fleming of New Orleans and the popular Instagram account “Red Beans and Spice”. I loved her cute and quirky brand name and her yummy posts. Erin actually swears by her own seasoning blend consisting of salt, pepper, paprika, thyme, cayenne, and onion powder. She is also a Tony Chachere’s Creole seasoning lover. She claims, “It’s good on almost anything.
The Creole Chef's Instagram shot
The Creole Chef’s Instagram shot

The proof is in the pudding ya’ll! Southern seasoning is not too spicy and you can even make it to your liking in your own home. Don’t be afraid to use these southern seasonings on your eggs, your grilled chicken, your fries, you name it. The rest of the world should be able to enjoy southern flavored food the way we foodies do.

 Stay tuned as we wait for one more verdict to come in from Caina Green, “The Creole Chef.”

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