5 Astonishingly Easy Ways to Get Back on a Healthy Track

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This past week my husband and I had a fabulous visit from my family. Let’s take a moment to reflect on all the yummy southern treats and cocktails we shared.  We indulged in char-broiled oysters, threw our very own crawfish boil, and made quite a few stops at the drive-thru daquiri joints. My personal favorites were mom’s banana bread, her chocolate chip cookies, and the peanut butter eggs she brought all the way from Pennsylvania.

I loved enjoying a week off from the gym and eating the treats in moderation, but you can imagine my husband and I were ready to clean out the fridge and get back on our healthy routine after awhile.  I’m sharing a few ways I tend to “detox” after a little getaway, vacation, or staycation, but these tips can work after the holidays, or after just an overall indulgent week, or few weeks for that matter.

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1). Make time to unwind. Yes, unwind! While Dr. Oz always recommends to “take the next appropriate U-Turn” and make your next decision a healthy one, your meals and your fridge might not be prepped come Monday morning after some time off or time away.  If you start fresh on a Tuesday, that’s okay too. Allow your brain and your body to recoup before taking on a new health challenge. Set a goal for yourself, but don’t be so hard on yourself that getting healthy stresses you out.

2.) This is my number one priority (after getting your mind right of course) and the hugest helper for me: Clean out the fridge and pantry! There could be a few leftovers lingering in there that won’t help your health goals. Don’t toss it! Just freeze it for the next get-together, or make a little care package of treats for a church or a friend. Is your fridge and pantry empty? Get shopping with all your favorite healthy foods and snacks, or turn to some of my recipes for ideas.

3). Meal prep. I’m putting this before exercise! You can’t out-exercise a bad diet.  Set a time aside on a weekend to cook your meals so you can stay on track no matter how hectic the week gets. Try these meal prep tips for beginners.

4). Get moving.  Anyone, I mean almost anyone, can go out for a walk. Get creative. Try anything until you find something you can stick with and that you like. Burn your calories cleaning dishes, vacuuming, tidying up, chasing kids at the playground. Sometimes, when I have so much on my plate, I count a power clean of the house as a little bit of cardio for the day.

5). Go for a steam, relax in the sauna, hot tub, or whirlpool. Sweating out those toxins from all the junk food can really reset your body.



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