No Excuses! Tips for Getting Your Workout Done When Traveling


Sometimes when you travel, your body and your brain need a total break.  You may be headed to a tropical island and plan to completely disconnect from the world. That is so necessary from time to time.  However, other times you may be taking a weekend trip or a business trip and it seems to interrupt your daily  workout routine. Well, with a little improvisation, an open mind, and creativity, you can stay healthy and on track on your next trip.

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First, get out your calendar. Find the days that you will be totally out of commission, say, traveling all day or stuck in meetings. Make those days your “rest days.” For instance, if you aim to workout 5 days a week, you could make your Tuesday and Wednesday business trip days your off days and work out the rest of the week. Now, if that is completely impossible, here are some ways to find time and space on the road or at your destination.

Do your research. What time does the hotel gym open? If there is no gym where you are staying, sign up at a nearby gym for a “free trial.” Many gyms offer one free group fitness class.

Can you swim laps in the indoor or outdoor pool? Where is the nearest local park to run at?

Team up. You can even work some activity into your itinerary by gathering the family to hit some hiking trails or scheduling a client meeting as a “walking” business meeting.  When you get others in on it, you won’t be fighting as big of a battle to fit it in your schedule.

Some cities even have groups of travelers, locals, and out-of-towners that meet for a workout. Attend a class taught by a professional fitness instructor, then go out together an get deals at the top restaurants, bars, and entertainment. Try The Sweat Social in New Orleans, or research these groups at your next destination.

Prepare by packing. Maybe you are staying in a cabin, a beach house, or a boutique hotel with no gym.  Bring a few props, such as resistance bands or ankle weights.  Research “Resistance band workouts” on YouTube on your laptop and voila, your gym is now in your room.  No WiFi? Bring your own workout DVD and if you don’t own any, borrow a friend’s. Remember, no excuses!

Get creative. Do a body-weight workout in your hotel room.  Think, push-ups, sit-ups, leg raises, jumping jacks, burpees, high knees, you name it.  Print out a Pinterest workout plan or view it on your phone. They are everywhere for free!

Stuck in the airport? Walk the terminals with your headphones on. Hey, something is better than nothing.

Run the stairs at your hotel or condo. That will have you sweating in no time.

These workouts may not be a part of your typical plan, but you may be surprised what changing up your routine for a day or two can do for your body and your mind.

Of course, there are more options out there. What are your favorite tricks to getting your workout done while traveling or on vacation?


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