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Crossfit, hot yoga, kickboxing,  cycling, triathlons, you name it I tried it. Dripping in sweat, spending hours during my day training, and THINKING I was eating healthy when I really wasn’t.  At 26, I can finally say that I have found a very balanced exercise and diet regimen that works for me and makes me happy doing it.  It is easy to maintain, can be done almost anywhere, and brings my mind peace. Now, I may not be as sculpted as I was during other parts of my life and I could use a little toning in the near future, but I’m happy and that is what matters to me.  Here are a few ways to walk yourself fit:

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1) Enlist entertainment.  Now, before I made walking buddies in my new town, I used to call my mom and blab for an hour. I was able to vent and catch up at the same time. Stress release! Now that I have made walking buddies, the hour flies by so quick, I get to socialize, vent and have a few laughs. Not to mention your accomplices keep you accountable.

However, sometimes I plug in Pandora, and just jam to my Jesus music for an hour. It makes me feel very at peace, motivated to be a better person, and very grateful of my surroundings.

2) Set realistic goals. I typically walk for about an hour, three times a week. My former college soccer teammates might laugh at this minimalistic approach, but since I don’t have a typical 9-5 job I schedule my day to make sure I’m active enough.  If it’s an unavoidable long week on the computer at work, I may try to walk more on the weekend.  If you can’t set aside an hour, try 30 minutes at lunch, or even break them up into 15 minute segments throughout the day.

3) Get your diet right. For years I would exercise like a maniac, but I was not getting enough protein in my diet and ate way too many carbs even though they were whole grain. It may not be a shoe-in for everyone, but I found that a low carb diet works best for my body. You can’t walk yourself fit if you aren’t eating right.  Since the exercise is in moderation, you need to eat in moderation.

4) Change up your scenery. Walking on a treadmill might make you insane, or it may be a convenient option while at work, at the gym, or at home. However, I typically vary my walks from my own neighborhood to the lakefront, to my friends neighborhoods. Traveling to new cities, towns, or the beach gets exciting because I have new territory to cover. Find what makes you the happiest.

5) Find funky ways to challenge yourself. Pushing a friends stroller, (or your own), carrying hand weights, strapping on ankle weights, or stopping for lunges or a few squats, are all ways to change it up and trick your body into getting fit. You can change up your pace, increasing speed at every mailbox, or try a hilly terrain. Walking in sand is no joke.

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