{ 3 Reasons Women Should Stop Running }

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I giggle a little bit when I pass the cardio machines at the gym or pass by our lakefront and see tons of women jogging or doing the elliptical. I know, I’m judging a little bit. But instead, of just giggling and walking by, I’m sharing my words of wisdom here.

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I was that runner. You could find me running endlessly on the trails near my house growing up, in triathlons, for college soccer training, you name it. I even ran along the lakefront like the women I mentioned earlier (see featured photo). I was not seeing the results I wanted no matter how much I tried.  Finally in August, I learned a completely new health plan that involved heavy weight training, little cardio (GASP) and what some may call a strict nutrition plan. You can read all about that plan here. I saw results like never before.

Now, before I tell all women not to run, there are a few disclaimers. Some people have serious weight to lose, and it takes some serious cardio. Sprints may not be in the cards for others due to injuries, etc. Others may just start out by walking. More power to you! Running may be therapeutic for some, a great stress reliever, etc.  For those who want better and faster results: sprints, along with heavy weight training and great nutrition, are your weapons. Running and forms of long, slow and steady, endurance cardio, as I mentioned in my previous blog, makes weight fall off, but also makes you lose your curves, your muscle tone and your booty. See here.

Sprints will help you:

  1. Maintain the muscle tone you have
  2. Burn more fat
  3. Build curves

Sure, the sound of running “suicides” like you did in junior high basketball may make you nauseous. Lucky for you, there are other types of sprints to incorporate. Try high intensity interval training on a spin bike, a stair master, Jacobs Ladder, swim sprints in the pool. Simply go, run, swim, spin, at your maximum pace for 30 seconds, then rest, slowly pedal, for 30. Try that 10 times. Just imagine turning your 30 minute – 1 hour long jog into just a ten minute killer workout. Learn more here.


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