How to Curb Your Sweet Tooth with Healthy Alternatives

SWEET TOOTH ZAPPERS CRAWFISH & CRUNCHESIf you know anything about me, you know that I am the QUEEN of sweets. I am known for having a small portion for dinner so that I can have a larger portion of dessert. I am known for dashing out of the car before it is even fully parked when going out for ice cream. Well, people who have seen this crazed state of mine may not know that I do not eat like that all week long, and I have to find healthy alternatives to sweets when I am not treating myself on the weekend. Although making your own treats would be great, I am not opposed to store bought items either. Here are a few ideas, tricks, and tips, that are not JUST fruit!

First, try one of these lighter dessert recipes either for entertaining a crowd or to nibble on throughout the week.


{ Quick & Skinny Southern Banana Pudding }

{ Healthy Dessert Recipe: Louisiana Strawberry & Cream Parfaits }

If you are attending a party and don’t want to be teased by a giant chocolate cake or endless brownies, bring your own slightly healthier treat.


Think Louisiana Peach Cobbler with Pecan Praline Streusel. Hey, it’s no peach in the calorie department, but it has about half the sugar of regular versions.

These pound cake parfaits are light and so easy to make: { Super Simple Pound Cake Pudding Parfait }

Okay, so you hate cooking, you don’t have time, or you just need something in a pinch. Here are a few of my favorite individually portioned store bought desserts:

Weight Watchers Ice Cream Bars: I love the GIANT Chocolate Fudge Bar

Protein bars. Quest Bars to be exact. Find them at your local GNC. Chocolate chip cookie dough, s’mores and Oreo are excellent.

Jello Sugar free pudding cups. These are especially convenient. The  instant powdered packages take about five minutes to make as well.

A few tips:

Always have a few mints on hand to pop in after you eat lunch or dinner. Once you cleanse your pallet with that, you may be less likely to splurge on dessert.

Yes, fruit is one of the best options. Aim to have about one small piece a day.

Do not overload on artificial sweeteners. Sweets are meant to be a treat and even the sugar free kind should be in eaten in moderation.

Live a little! Live by the 90% clean, 10% cheat rule. If your week was 90% full of healthy foods and exercise, go for that brownie sundae on the weekend and enjoy every moment. If your week was a wreck, try some small portions of the recipes and tricks above to stay on track.


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